Aim & Scopes


Anatolia Sport Research, in Turkey and in the world of sports and scientists working on related sciences, aims to enable researchers and students to publish in Turkish and English and, aims to create a common platform for qualified academic publications in this field to contribute to society and for scientific development.


The journal accepts articles under the sub-headings Physical and Sports Education, Movement and Training, Sports and Recreation Management of broadcasts that offer qualitative, quantitative research and model suggestions.

  • Training, Physical Education and Play, Physical Education and Sports Pedagogy, Exercise and Sport Physiology, Exercise and Sport Psychology, Nutrition in Exercise and Sport, Physical Education, Sports and Physical Activity for the Disabled, Physical Activity and Health, Physical Fitness, Kinanthropometry, Motor Behavior, Recreation, Sports Biomechanics, Sports Philosophy, Sport Sociology, Sports History, Sports Management, Sports Tourism, Sports Anthropology and Sports Medicine.

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